Spot the fake

Some of you may be able to spot it pretty quickly. One lighter is a photograph I took, with no tweaking, the other is modeled and textured by myself, with minor post. Which one is real? :confused:

I hazard a guess that the real image is the one on the right - basically because of the granite surface more than anything :slight_smile: Also I think one image has that kind of chromatic abberation & DOF quality you get from real cameras as well. The chrome surface at the top of the lighter also casts a bit of environmental reflection too. Good job!

Awesome! I love this riddle :slight_smile: very well done! I honestly need a couple of views to spot the fake.
Great Job.

These are really fun to guess! I think that the purple one is real and the red one is fake because the “BIC” engraving in the medal looks more natural in the purple one, and also the red plastic material is more translucent in the purple one. Additionally the marvel is much sharper in the purple image. I’m not sure that I’m right though because you did a really good job!

Up3d thanks! Fun little piece.

italinjoy, thanks too. one vote for purple…

red is fake.

Hard to say, I guess the red one is fake, even if it looks very real.

right one is fake

red is fake, purple real

Very well done, without comparison couldn’t tell it was fake for sure.
I’d say orange is fake mainly because of the floor, it has a lot more details in purple image.

I think the red one is real, but it’s really hard to tell, partly because both pictures are equally grainy :slight_smile:

Awesome job and it’s really hard to tell. But I say the red one is rendered - or made in china :wink:

– Current Vote Count –
Red is real: 2 votes
Purple is real 5 votes.

Minoribus, Ha!

If anyone wants to know here is the answer.

Well done :slight_smile: i would have voted red as fake primarily becouse of the iso color noise and the metal reflections looking more “real” on the purple.

I vote red is fake ( I promise I didn’t peek at the answer :slight_smile: ) No matter which one is real, you came about as close as possible to duplicating it in CG.

No peaking!!! :no: Just kidding.

My photography skills are somewhat lacking, I need to learn how to use my camera better there is a really high iso noise on the real one, which I attempted to match in post on the render with add noise, despeckle. If I do another object I want to spend more time getting a cleaner photograph.

To get rid of ISO noise, use the lowest ISO value avaiable, and compensate with a lower shutter speed and wider apperture, so more light can reach the sensor, the DOF will be higher and also the motion blur, so use a tripod. If you do not want to boost the DOF, just use a tripod and a even lower shutter speed, so the light comes in overtime.

BTW i though the red one was real.

Very good work!
The ISO noise is well faked too, ISO noise is the first thing I tried to differentiate.
The only thing that struck me in the red is the base of the lighter at the junction with the marble/granite surface. Hard edge and very stuck to the surface.
But I really was not sure what was real.

Jh0nny, thanks! I will definitely try that on my next photo shoot.

YAFU, thanks. it’s a pretty simple object, but it’s still a lot of tweaking to squeeze as much uncanny out as possible.

Good work i vote purple fake!