Spot The Not #006 - Can you guess which antique is not real?

This is a follow up to the previous episode’s game from here: Spot The Not #005 - Can you guess which furniture is not real?

Can you spot the not in this episode? :sunglasses:

SPOT THE NOT is a game where the viewers try to guess which item in the scene is not real. Besides having a little fun, the aim of these videos are to help 3D artists improve their observational skill, as well as their ability to identify why something is not looking photorealistic (and bash my renders!). Hopefully, you can apply the same principles to your own work and achieve better photorealistic renders of your own.

You can leave your answer here if you do not wish to comment in the Youtube comments section, I will feature your answers in the next video if you guess correctly.

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  • B
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I vote for A. Yellow part of the gramophone appears too smooth and doesn’t feel like antique.

I vote D.

There are moments when it does not seem to move quite correctly. The outline of the object seems sharper than the others throughout and at ~ 2:00 to 2:09 the object seems noticeably sharper than the surroundings and is not lit the same.

D because it would be the easiest to model :slight_smile:
Also, how the light reflects off it (or more so, doesn’t) compared to the two objects to its right.

I mean, B has a strange looking reflection on the glass

I voted for C. The Material of the Box in wich the Radio is doesn’t feel right.

I’m going with D because the motion blur doesn’t seem to quite match the motion blur left behind from the camera stabilization and there seems to be a slight unsharp-mask filter on everything else (which made it as plain as day in #003). Also, there was a little bit of wobble going on.

E because it is the Antique 1920 Marelli fan from the flipped normals Substance Painter course. (Is this cheating? yeah probably)

I was concentrating on the wall shadows. Hey take it easy on me I’m a noob…lol

I voted for C because the reflections on the other objects are really bright but the reflections off of the radio have a high dynamic range. I don’t know if that’s due to the material though.

Watch this be a prank and all 6 are fake lol

D is the cg model