Spotlight and point light not working in blender

If I make a new scene, Lights work just fine. But in the current scene I’m working in, only sun and area light works. No matter the size or power/wattage of the light, both spot light and area light do nothing.

can you upload a screen shot, the blend file, anything we can use to take a look?

Hard to tell, what’re the strengths of all of those? Are you creating new lights, or just changing the type of light inside the light properties? whats the scale of the model? Posting the .blend file may be the easiest, but I feel like its probably something simple.

I suspect it’s going to be another one of those issues caused by importing a character that ends up being like a kilometre tall or something and being surprised that a tiny spot light doesn’t illuminate it

I’ve changed the type of light for every screen shot in the collage. The power is at 100,000 watts. The character is about 26 meters tall. The character and rig are original and I don’t feel like making it available to the rest of the world right now.

If you have any possible suggests, let me know and I’ll give it a try.

When making a new completely new scene with the same type of light and adding the same background geometry (a generic plane scaled up) the lights work just fine. Importing the character into that same new project, shows the lights work just fine and the character is well illuminated. I would just like to know what I may have done, (Maybe a setting?) that causes the original project file to only have area lights and sun lights work.

I suspect not.

What happens if you open two instances of Blender and copy and paste the character from your scene into a new blank Blender scene?

The character works just fine imported into a new scene. Well lit.