Spotlight cone size


 I've stumbled across a bit of an annoyance. Whenever I make spotlight lamps the outline of their cone is extremely large and protrudes through all my scene's geometry. Is there any way to scale the cone down? I realize I could use CTRL+S and scale it down but I'm not sure if that will affect the way the lamp produces light in the final render.

 I've attached a screenshot of the annoyance.

go to the light panel and adjust the angle

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You set the the cone size in…Lamp - Data - Spot shape box…There is a show cone…So it’s easier to see where light go.

S - Scale don’t influence the light… only visuel for the spotlight size.


Adjusting the angle (that’s the field labelled “Size” under “Spot Shape”, right?) makes the cone thinner, but not any shorter. I can scale the visible cone the same way I’d scale any object, and the cone becomes shorter, however, I still have a line going a great distance out from the lamp. Although I guess it’s not really an issue, it’s much less annoying than before. :slight_smile:

The line is the shadow clipping for BI. (If you’re in cycles switch to BI for a moment), and turn down the shadow “Clip End” distance.

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No it’s not the angle…Size in Spot Shape…Adjust the size of the cone…Thats the size of the spot…Liite ot big Spot.
The show cone…Fill the spot so it’s easier to see the size…And the Blend give softer edges.


Thanks SkpFX and Taipan! Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thanks. And for marking things [Solved]!

Have Fun!

Thank you for this. I’ve been stuck for a couple of days trying to adjust/change the cone shape etc., for spotlight.