Spotlights not showing up?

I have a model I converted from .3DS to VRML 1.0 with Crossroads3D, and then imported into blender 2.34. I’ve been trying to re-apply all of the textures and uv-maps that the original model had on it, but I’ve run into a singularly odd problem. I’ve been trying to light the underside of the model (this is the Star Trek spacedock, the big blue metal mushroom, if that helps you envision it any), but the lights simply disappear. I place them in a spot where they should light the thing up like a christmas tree, but when I pick the ‘spot’ lamp, nothing happens. It shows up as an area lamp, and as a hemisphere or sun, but no spot.

I’ve made certain that ‘shadow only’ isn’t checked, and I’ve got the whole scene lit with a hemispherical light, so I know it isn’t insensitive to light. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Also, a kind of related problem: as a workaround, I made a glowing strip (high emit value) inside the upper part, and set it to render radiosity, and it just started counting with the cursor. I hit escape when it hit 500 and kept on going, figuring that I must be getting some wierd error.

Are these known bugs in 2.34? Or am I doing something wrong?

  1. Possibly the shadow clipping is outside your scene or the fall-off distance is too short. But it is difficult to find a solution for the problem from your description only. Could you please post a simple scene that shows the issue?

  2. The counter for Radiosity calculation can easily go above 500. There is nothing wrong with that.

Well, I’ve posted the blend so you can investigate it for yourself. It should be where you can hit F12 on opening and see for yourself: the spotlight just doesn’t show, even when it clearly should be hitting the underside of the dome. You can change it to other types, and you’ll get some lighting, but I really needed a spotlight for what I was trying to do. -_-

Select your spotlight, go into its material settings, and increase Clip End (under the Shadow and Spot tab) to somewhere around 200. I also advise moving it down and forward and rotating it (clockwise) so more of the spotlight is on the mesh. Also, you should increase SpotSi so it’ll cover a wider area. I believe you thought that Distance controls how far the spotlight shines; all it does is control its length in the 3d window.

Pretty neat model though, if I may say so…

You’re right. I thought ‘Dist’ controlled the length of the lighted cone. But I won’t actually want to move the light like that. I’ll move it up some and under the dome. The lights are supposed to be coming from the underside of the dome, and in places along the shaft where there are seams. The parts of the hull that aren’t lit glitter with windows. The contrast is beautiful, IMO. For a shot of the model I’m working toward re-creating in blender, look at This and This. I have the first one set as my desktop background, because it just looks so awesome. Okay, thanks for all the help, guys! (If you want the model, they guy that hosts the site those pics are on said he would host it if and when I get it finished.)