Spreading Blender through virtual worlds, this may be better then Second Life.


Just think of this, the creators of this virtual world are designing it to be free of the porn and gambling problem that plagues Second Life. Made for Japanese, but foreigners are welcome too.

I know using this to spread Blender to the Japanese people may not be of best interest to us since we’re not Japanese but those in the Japanese Blender community may want to take note.

Looks intresting. Second Life is just a piece of crap, it’s full of stupid advertisement, the graphics suck badly and loads terrible slow even when you have 3mbit connection. And if that’s not all it’s incredible buggy.

Anyways, the screens of this new mmo world of something look way better and more promessing. Maybe a better solution compared to Second Life.

That is all I see in second life too, Ads and weird people pretending that they are having sex :confused:

I have a nice system at work, and it is laggy for me too.

this new world looks cool.