SPREE and TCO and "Guitar Master" Montage!

A montage of my games I’m doing, unfortunately the video camera isn’t HD, so sorry in advanced for the quality, or lack thereof:


0:55 - Threshold Chapter One
5:55 - Threshold Chapter One Onslaught Level start
9:50 - SPREE (driving destruction)
14:10 - Guitar Master

Yes. That is a (terrible and untextured) vehicle in the FPS.

Explanations/Excuses ( :smiley: ) :

  • Lag on the update of my shooter because the vehicle wrapper is always active (on my to do list)
  • lag on “Guitar Master” :stuck_out_tongue: because the Video Module in the background, and the notes will be more accurately placed when I finish my Notes script
  • The lag in SPREE is caused by a massive part of the level that isn’t occluded, I will use smaller levels next…
  • The blurriness is my VGA video camera
  • The overexposure is my VGA video camera
  • Enemies are dumb because I have neither a Degree in Human Behaviour or Computer Science.
  • Interfaces are terrible because I had just bought (and was influenced by) Forza 3 :no:.
  • Time since last update; catching up on college work :yes:.