Spriggan for a competiton

I’m making this artwork for a competition I’ve entered and was wondering what could be improved the deadline is April 22 and the theme is nature. in the final product the texture on the model will be of a wood grain and there will be some emitters and smoke effects inside of the cage you see here

From this front view you can see both sides of the arms one side consists of the basic metaball arrangement that has been converted to a mesh while the other is how I’ve been refining it so far

Very definitely an interesting sculptural design for the torso.

Now, as you continue with this thing, I find myself looking at the head – right now, a solid object, and as such much less distinct. I sort-of see the character’s right-side face because there’s an eye there, and a smudge of mist on the other. So, I find myself boldly wondering – what if the head was done like the body now is? In other words, the entire creature(!) consists of a not-solid frame?

thanks I definitely thought about that while making it but I think once the emission shaders are added it should break up the outline of the face