springs and bolts

me trying to recreate this image by Robert Hirsch


Whoa, is all I can say. Your materials are looking incredibly accurate, and your models are looking perfect. There’s just something about the white plastic springs in general, looking too tight together. It could be just me though, heh. Beautiful models, and I can’t wait to see further updates on this, it already looks fantastic.

Nice image. It is too clean to me though. Nuts should look like this:


You should turn the smooth shading on the nuts on and add and edge split modifier to them

BTW. Did you model the nuts by yourself? I guess that you used a bolt factory add on, didn’t you? :slight_smile:

Quite honestly I think your image is better than your reference image. Your nuts don’t look like they’re set to smooth shading, I can see some face splits on relatively flat areas. Also roughen the metal texture, but other than that it’s good.

Didn’t your mother teach you to keep your nuts clean? ;D

Nop, just underwear! But then in an accident it will be soiled anyway.

Am I correct that the threads in the nuts are just a stack of grooves rather than a continuous thread? If so you’re still head and shoulders above your reference image. Nice job!

[This post has been shown to be wrong but is left as is for history sake.]

@ahmed.d I’m curious what is meant when you say “me trying to recreate this image”

While the nuts are certainly better, and the render is really nice too, it seems to me that you started with the same model and the same camera. Am I wrong?



Unless I’m completely off base I think “edit and do a nice render” would be a better choice of words than “recreate.”

I think those two were just updates of the same picture, and that the image he linked on the name Robert Hirsch (see first post) was the real reference image.

OK, I’m sorry! That does make perfect sense!

@ahmed.d Please forgive me! I saw the Oh, so simple nuts in the first image, and “nearly” the same nuts in the linked image and it never dawned on me that the simple nuts were your first draft. It’s a great image! Thumbs UP!

@Plantar, Thank you for setting me straight.

EDIT: Please take note of this people. When I’m wrong, say so! I’ve had a lot of practice at being wrong. I’m actually pretty good at it.

EDIT AGAIN: I’m sorry again! I went back and looked again. I was completely off base. I knew the first image was different than the linked image. But still for some reason(It was the simplified nuts) I got it into my head that the first image was the actual reference.

Never mind, misunderstanding happens to us all. Main reason of these thread is to make us think you know. Hit reset button and go.

Did you use the nuts and bolts add on in blender?

thank you.

for the white springs will you could blame laziness

thank you

will this require a lot of work i threw this up in a couple of hours

will a think i forgot to turn it on how about this

i am trying to recreate this image