i need to create a sprite from a texture image to use in a game. The texture is a mesh of camo sitting on a white background. SO my question is how do i get the white to be zero alpha and the green camo to be fully opac? I need it to be shadeless (i think i just press shadeless in materials but i could be wrong) and so i don’t care about having shadows. Help!

go into edit buttons, then into face select mode. click ‘alpha’
<edit> note: the texture must already have an alpha channel and be either a tga or png for this to work.

It’s really best to have a second, black & white image for an alpha channel, but I suppose you could get by…

1)Apply your camo texture to the Col channel (Map To tab) of your material
2)Create a second texture with the same image, but increase the contrast to 2.0 (Under the Colors tab).
3)Still in the texture buttons, check the green “CalcAlpha” and “NegAlpha” buttons
4)Back in your materials, set the 2nd texture to the Alpha Channel (Map To)
5)Slide the Alpha slider (Labeled “A”) to 0.0
6)On the Mirror Transp tab check either “Ztransp” or “Ray Transp”

thanks all i think that should do it but if i have any questions i will post them here! Love the script btw ripsting!

i figured it out usuing ripstings advice - here is what i got


i couldn’t get the actual texture to show up but the shape was there! Thanx

The first texture probably isn’t showing because you have Col mapping selected for the second texture. Just uncheck it.

nope i have it unchecked! if i check it on the alpha layer then it looks alittle better but it is too dark! Anyway it works for me! Thanks agian!