I can aswell ask this too, becasue I know I’m gonna need it any day…

In a software called 3d game studio I could add what they called “sprites”… It was bmp images, like grass and such things to place in a game… Flat 2d-images

How can this be done in Blender?

what do you mean similar to textures? a flat picture on a plain like grass? if so, add a material then add a texture and load the image of grass lol

That’s not what I mean :slight_smile:

I want to place “free-standing” 2d “sprites” like grass on a hill for example… No texture or material on the hill, but a flat object with transperant edges…

Here’s a good pic… You can quite easily see that the “leaves” and bushes are NOT modeled… But the Wood are… So I have the Wood, and need the leaves, lol.


thx. :slight_smile:

the leaves and bushes are modeled there

you first need an image with an alpha channel… paint a new image in photoshop starting with transparent and for a while you can just load the .psd into blender [later you’ll want to switch to a more compressed format like png], apply the image as usual, but in face select mode press the alpha button in the paint buttons then copy drawmode.

blender has two kinds of ‘sprites’… but you’ll have to create new objects for them

create a plane facing down the negative x axis [of the object]… you’ll probably want to turn off double sided [edit buttons] and turn on draw axes [object buttons]. The center of the object must be at the center of this plane [it doesn’t work right if you have multiple faces in the object]. In the paint buttons select the face and hit the halo or billboard button.

halo will make the face rotate to always be facing the camera

billboard will make the face rotate, but only around the vertical axis to face the camera… so if you look down on it will not face up at you


can u help me…im trying to create a sprites with an image of trees…im a newbie…can u also give me some links about my questions…i may miss some related topics too.


Another method of getting an image with an alpha channel is to model your item (the leaves or trees or whatever) in blender and make a render with a transparent world settings and save it in Targa or PNG format to serve as your texture. Your model can be as high poly as you want because you are only getting a texture from it and the model is not actually being used in the game engine.

Or you could make a texture in the Gimp. it has many of the features of photoshop but its free and open source like blender.

Either way you would continue creating the sprite like z3r0 d describes.

<MagicMan>ei tnx…