Spyro Animation Film


My name is Lee. I am an active blender user I recently started a YouTube Channel, Draco Media. The purpose of the channel is mainly for small and big 3D animations alike (There is nothing there since my animating skills are weak but I can model basic to low poly items). For the last several months, I have been been wondering one thing: “What it would have been like if Spyro 3D was actually made instead of Skylanders?” Then upon that thought, my idea grew and grew into wanting to make a small 3D animated film.

I wont go into heavy details on the project but I will outline some things.

Plot: Set a few years after the great war in TLoS: Dawn of the Dragon. The world is seemingly at peace. Despite now in several pieces, each has adapted and thrived into their realm of existence. The Dragon City of Warfang has been completely rebuilt. Spyro has since taken over as leader of the guardians as well as leader of Warfang with Cynder as his right hand.

One day, a set of treasure hunters decided to travel to the ruins of the Destroyer to raid it of any remaining crystals that could be lurking around. They consequently find a tunnel that leads nearly to world’s core. Once finding it, they take notice of a large black spire from the far corner of the core, giving the impression that its like a parasite. Upon closer inspection, they find it resonating of black aura along with the sound of the bone chilling words

“I am Eternal…”

Sounds awefully like a fanfic now that I finally write it out. Anyways, I am desperately looking for some of the following people.

  • 3D modelers (While I can model dragons to a degree, I am still a ways)
  • Animators (I barely can do it but I do understand the concept)
  • Artists (Since I fail at drawing)
  • Voice Actors
  • Writers (To aid me in the writing)
  • Sound directors

I really want to make this idea of mine into reality. In my past attempts to reach out to other people, I would easily get brushed aside or simply ignored altogether. I have been trying to make progress on my own (hence why I am able to model dragons to a degree) but I feel like I am getting nowhere and slowly losing my will to continue.

I’ve set myself a few goals

Goal 1: Get the word out that I want to make this a reality and state I need help. (Complete)
Goal 2: Develop a small team of at least 10 people
Goal 3: Set up times and meetings
Goal 4 (Also the main goal for now): Create a minute trailer for the short movie (Frankly, if I can get to this point, I can die happy).
Goal 5: See if there’s a positive response from the audience (which will be people of all ages who know Spyro or played The Legend of Spyro Trilogy).
Goal 6: Continue with the animation

I can’t express enough how badly I want this to happen. This is not just for the sake of doing it and building my channel, but for sheer love and respect I have for the Spyro franchise. I just need people who is really willing to help me and not flake out before or during the whole thing. I also want the group to be somewhat small starting off (easier to keep track that way).

If you made it this far, then congrats!
If you would like to message me on here for more info, you can contact me in these few ways.

Email: [email protected] (With the subject, Spyro Animation)
Skype: Lunarisdraconicdragon (Let me know who you are because I’ve been getting these fake skype accounts trying to add me recently)
Or just PM me on here.

Thank you for your time and I really hope to hear from you guys!

you might want to look at http://convexitystudios.deviantart.com/

Your message is cool and all, but I’m afraid you won’t find many people to join you. Usually everyone has their own amazing projects and rather wants to work on those.

A way to excite people for you project would be to show some Screenshots, of work you already created for the project. But that means that you have to be able to create a lot of the animation without help.

I’m working with a team of 3 people on a very small game project, and even that is hard to manage, so if you happen to actually find a team, you will be doing a lot of organizing work as well.

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I should have responded to this a long time ago and I deeply apologize but you’re 100% correct on this.

I may be interested in something like this. I just posted a thread here about starting a group animation so I know it is hard to do . I am a 3d generalist, 2d artist as well. I am able to help you if you are still doing something.
Let me know .