Spyro-the dragon

Tell me what you think. Next I will be adding wings.


You need to give us more context before you can get accurate feedback. Is this for a game? Animation? Stand-alone model? Full scene? What are your goals?

For example, if this is a stand alone model trying to look like the Spyro images then there is a lot of work of to be done. The model is far too boxy, the front legs and feet don’t look anywhere near finished and the head is much too square.

If this is for a low poly game, then I’d say you’re off to a half-decent start. The front legs still need to be worked on.

If your goal is a stylised plastic toy, then I’d say you’re doing great.

it need to be more smooth .
and it need better feets.

it looks cutted out of wood.

Sorry that was my first attempt, the newest revisions are here.