I’ll give the blenderguru contest a try, can’t promise I’ll finish though…

Sculpting a grown-up spyro sounded fun, so I modeled basemesh. I’ll start sculpting tomorrow.

The perfect basemesh.:eyebrowlift:
Will you use dyntopo or a multires?

Looks promising so far. :slight_smile:

thanks for the comments
filou.rod: the plan is to use dyntopo first, then retopo / multires

I roughed out the anatomy, still a long way to go


This is looking great :smiley:

Look forward to it,looks interesting.

Great start. really nice mesh i’m fan!

The increased detail in the last render is significant. Keep it up!

I was literally addicted to Spyro back in the day on my PS1. I really like your model so far, he looks great!