not sure where you guys are going with this;i just wanted to know if anytone was getting thos browser hijackers with their complex removal methods


had started a topic on spyware removaL .

like those hijackers


wanted to know if anyone had gotten them or used that smitrem remaval method

last set of replies wandered off immediatly to some terrorist topic instead

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On-topic: get spybot search and destroy:

also ad-aware is good, i use it with spybot every month or so to purge.

3 lines in sig… like this?..

i use spybot and adware …
somehow those spytrooper adds manage to persist …

i read about smitrem removal procedures and was wondering if anyone has used it successfully

google how to get rid of spytrooper. somethings bound to come out of the 8 billion or so pages

3 lines including spaces. :wink:

%< need blend download site :
registration FREE

I use adaware + mozilla firefox with no script so I havnt had any incredibly mean spywares or malicious softwares in months now. I might get one or 2 tracking cookie slip throught (but its not much of a thread just get rid of them with adware).

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