Squircle Normal,A procedural normal map generator for blender.


I created a procedural normal map generator from height maps or diffuse textures,
It is a node group that can be used in the compositor,For more information visit the product page:

It is only 5$ ,But if you don’t have the money, I can give it to you to you for free,just hit me with a message. :slight_smile:

here are some examples of it’s uses:

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Hi, but that is already there and it’s free.
Baking Cycles Procedural Normals to Texture

Sorry,But this has nothing to do with what I did,Can you reread what is written in the product description.

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maybe something like this then http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/

Took me about 20 minutes to discover and build a node setup capable of near identical results. It really isn’t that complex compared to some of the other group nodes on the Market (like the now famous skin shader which is the product of a couple of years worth of iteration).

Target this product to new users and they may buy it as a convenience item.

It is built on almost the same algorithm.

Such a good thing, can you give a copy to me ? thanks. myemail: [email protected]