Squirrel sculpt...your critique is needed!

So finally I am making progress in my squirrel project…japy!!!
I know I am not a perfect sculptor…but you have to learn to get good,right?
So here I have the snout almost ready:)

…Pleas give critique and if possible tips as well;)

When I am done with sculpting I plan to texture it,put fur on and rig it to use as a photo model:)

try a bit more to get the actual shape of the squirrel’s head correct. currently he looks a bit mutated, squirrels are supposed to be cute :P. but nice try. keep working at it.

Thanks for your reply:)
Will try to figur out what I can do to make it look better


For better results you have to start first levels of multiresolution to achieve overall shapes, then when you are done, you may follow over details.

That is actualli what I did…I started from a base mesh and than worked my why up
Here Is a pic from the base mesh I started out with:

(EDIT, beet me to it…)

The basemesh itself seams to lack detail. With a basemesh that complete anyway really you could have done some surface modelling first anyway. Work your way up…

OK so I gues I have to bite in to the bullet and get better topology:(
I am so bad in topology…oh well,one thing more I have to learn:)

Topology is simple really. Keap rings around the eyes, make the jaw be defined well, have the mouth nicely shaped, with rings around it…

It goes on but whatever! You get the idea. Try finding te sticky in the modelling section of the forum, very useful and some good fun to do aswell.

With that basemesh you can actually finish the primary shapes of your squirrel, but perhaps u need start with other level of multires,

but wait just a minute, seems you appplied remesh modifier to it, in fact you have unnecesary quads on it mostly on limbs quite strange. start with other basemesh made of primitive quads (try start with a cube, then extrude some to get a whole body and start multiresolution.

Remesh modifier seems not to be meant for good organic modeling, neither for basemeshes.

Go to Google image search and type in ‘bald squirrel’…creepy…; are you planning to add particle fur? Sculpting is cool, but can be kind of pointless is you are planning to cover it up with fur.

I’ve got a few reference pictures of squirrels in a few different poses here.