Squish minion - WIP

Another project of mine apt to come up short of complete.

This is a minion. A rather basic blob plus spear. I thought about doin a mouth but the edge loops got really complicated really fast.

Is there any way I can instance the model into a formation of hundreds or thousands? Like they did in the end of Attack of the Clones? (Really dumb name - cool battles)

I want a massive formation or formations of these guys…



Duplivert along a set pattern of vertices, like a mesh plane or a circle, etc.

I didn’t think of that. Thx! I’ll try it here in a minute and post the results.


Here it is!!

Is there anything y’all think could use improvement or anything like that? I really do want to a mouth on this guy, but I’m stumped how. I’ll check in later this evening with wireframes and maybe a blend file.

Also, because the eyelids are the only movable facial feature, how would I rig them for animation?

Thanks, Khnum for the duplivert thing. I’m still kinda new to the whole concept, but its sinking in.

Thanx all!


Might think of putting a bloby glove or hand shap on the spear to show that it’s being held. Doesn’t necessarily need to be attached to the main body. Also, the black eyes make them look soulless… Perhaps try this tutorial on making pixar quality eyes. As for a mouth, would help to see the wire before making any suggestions, but you probably could just delete a face and add some loops and move some stuff around.

Sorry for the long wait for updates. I added the hands. For those of you familiar with the flash movie genre Madness, the hands should look familiar.


And the wires that were requested (I think…?)


C&C much appreciated. Upcoming: Pixar like eyes for the non-minion moments of their short and violent lives.

On the horizon:

  1. Seperate weapons
  2. different colors
  3. A scene to pull everything together (composited from seperate renders most likely
  4. Animation? If I can ever figure it out.


Well if you are using the new 2.40 blender you could definitely just slice into the front of your guy there and give him some lips by massaging some verts outward and a few inward. If not you could still break open the front for a mouth. It does seem though like a lot of loops/verts to make that guy, I’m guessing your sub-d’ing this guy right? I like the added hands a lot, can’t wait to see what you do with the eyes.

I’ll have to play around with the eyelids a bit in order to fix that overlapping thing you see going on, but it souldn’t be too hard to fix.


The reason I went with black eyes was in fact for the soulless look. They aren’t quite as minionish with the pixar looking eyes.


the black eyes make them look soulless…

Thanx for the input thus far!