SReid's Sketchbook

Have started picking up the pencil and pens again after a longggg time. So just going to post my stuff so I have it all together and hopefully some people don’t find it too awful) :yes:

Pair of my girlfriends shoes:


Mountain Cave:



Yay! another sketchbook. Anyway, you clearly have some good stuff going on here. you are quite good at shading, and good at observational still-lifes. Although, based on your “Randomers” your anatomy could use some work. I personally, and I always do this even though I haven’t gone completely through any of his books (although I’ve picked through large amounts of more than one), one of Andrew Loomis’s books. There are plenty of other good anatomy books, but ask tyrant monkey for the others. Anyway, good luck.

Bed Pie. Made with Krita 2.6.1
7 Hours total.