SSB:Brawl footage: Fox revealed, new gameplay

Click on the first video listed (the other two are the E3 2006 trailer).

Shows gameplay of all characters known so far, plus introduces Fox. Stages include Yoshi’s Island DS, Mario Kart DS, and something that looks like a temple from Pit’s realm.

Awesome. Can’t wait!

Hm, some good stuff. Overall the gameplay seems to be quite similar to SSB:M which is definitely good as I don’t want to lose my pretty hard earned skill :smiley:
Although some of the new character’s moves seem to be rip-offs of the old ones…but heh, we’ll see when the time comes!

Okay I guess, too bad it’s not Xbox 360 graphics in which that would be kicken.

Needs more destructability though, the destruction of the platforms in one small segment is a start. But why not add some ability to move on the Z axis and highly destructable arenas and you can hurl the pieces at opponents.

'cuz then it wouldn’t be ssb. man i want a revolution badly, but i’m not gonna buy one 'till the first price drop.

OH MY GOD this rules
i so VERY much want this game
star fox looks SO AWESOME I CAN NOT WAIT but i will cause i cant jump throu time

lol @ still calling it the revolution. must be hard for you.

lol @ still calling it the revolution. must be hard for you.

man you have no idea. just to put it in perspective, a little while back i had this conversation on xbox live waiting for a halo2 match to start:

random dude in my party (rdip): “hey man, you know how sony names their consoles with numbers? like playstation 1, 2, 3?”

me: “yeah man.”

rdip: laughs “then what the fuck is with microsoft & skipping numbers? where’d the other 358 go?”

me: laughing"yeah, i’m still gonna get one though

conversation about 360 ensues

rdip: “dude, you know how nintendo never names their systems in order? well get this- they’re calling the new thing the ‘revolution’. how bad-ass is that?”

i was thinking it, but he said it.

a few months later they annnounce its gonna be called the wii. a forhead shaped dent also mysteriously appears in my bedroom wall.

Ya, I definately agree. Revolution is a great name, and Wii is just terrible, but I’ve just learned to accept it.

if calling it Wii gets chicks and parents playing, then its worth it =) and Nintendo do what noone has done before with a console

The very fact that many people don’t like the new name but Nintendo going along with it is kindof revolutionary, IMO.

Actually, yeah. The name Wii is far more a revolution than the name Revolution. After a short amount of time of getting used to it, I now love that name :smiley: