SSH Mac And PC Confusion!

I would like to remote control my pc with my mac, I have used VNC and it worked great. Then I realized that VNC is not encrypted, so since i’ll be doing this often from my college dorm (think about about 250 people, someone has to be a computer engineer or something, snooping around) I think it would be better to use a VNC session inside a SSH tunnel. After browsing around I found that I don’t even need a VNC client and or a VNC server? Just use SSH to remote control my pc? Another website said that I should use the SSH Helper and SSH Tunnel ManagerAt this point I need someone to clarify this. How would you guys go about this? Also both of my machines have Dynamic IP’s :frowning: so I think I need a DNS service thingy so I can use my pc, I have checked out No-ip Is this what I need? Thanks for the help in advance!