SSS test

here ya go, this is my first time experimenting with SSS and I think Ive nailed the skin, the SSS might be over done allittle but I think its good, this might be for a movie that we are making but we might switch over to somthin else. sorry for the compression, I wish I could give it to you in better quality. The details of the skin are really nice in HD. Its only 5 secs long because it doesnt really show you much. This is also my first time working with shape keys


Nice! I like it, makes me think of a Fable character for some reason.

thanks, I am having trouble with the eyes though, they look kinda detached from the head, its weird.

Well done, I like both modeling and the skin. I think you need some more exercise with shape keys, but I’m sure you’ll pin that down too.

/ Mats