Stabilising my CGI Pan+Rotation Shot

Hi Everyone,

I’ve made a 5 second clip for a larger animation I’m doing:

I’m rotating in, and panning in, to a waterfall statue like thing on the ground. I’ve tried stabilising with some markers but since it’s panning it’s cutting out really large portions of the video at certain points.

I went into compositing and tried a dynamic x/y revert using keyframes and I guess something similar could be done for the scaling instead of autoscale on the stabilising tab (which doesn’t seem to react to keyframes??).

I’m wondering if there is a better way to do it. I’ve tried to read around on pan stabilisation but doesn’t look like blender handles it automatically yet?

I was also thinking if I could find the x,y position of the frame side (say right side), I could find the difference between that and a marker on the statue. Then I could ask a transform to offset that to vary linearly in x and y, which would be a nice way of doing it too? This would mean stabilisation is performed whilst keeping a pan going, so in the first frames the statue is in the right side of the frame, but moves to the centre. Might be a waste of time though…

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


You can try to eliminate any camera movement by stabilizing then re-introduce the pan manually but as you have a compound motion (dolly and pan with tilt) I really doubt that you will fix it much. Bear in mind that the subject might be in the wrong place for the best framing. That’s why they shoot eye line poles in Hollywood blockbusters. So the camera man knows where to frame up for a giant robot/monster etc.

Yeah, thats what I did in the end.

2D Stabilise then in node editor keyframe the panning and scaling. Looks like its worked a bit. Tried to add rotational stabilization but it doesnt really help, I suppose if my markers were perfect the rotation might work though.

Can you explain a bit more about eye-line poles? I tried googling the term but didn’t find anything. I guess it means shooting such that the subject will always be in the centre of the frame?