Stable and complete working FBX export for Blender

I recall someone told me that there is one version of FBX is rock solid with Blender’s exporter.

What version is it?
Where to download that version of FBX addon and is it 2.71+ compatible ?
Will UE4 / Unity work with FBX files exported by this version and why not, if not?


C’mon… you’ve been here long enough to know better than to put support questions in the main forums…

Is it a support question? Then I apologize :confused:

FBX is constantly being worked on… Download the latest buildbot for the most up to date version.

You also mention complete… The fbx exporter is not complete… i doubt it will be due to the closed nature of the file format. Most of the main functions are there (geometry / textures / uv maps etc.etc)