[Stable] Batch Render Addon 2.91

I need an Addon where I can select multiple single Cameras to render. Thus “Simple Batch Render” is useless for me.

The Addon of ParanoidNemo did exactly that job and was very useful.

Kind regards

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Thanks a lot Alain, I assure you that I’m spending my very limited free time to update this to blender 2.8. I just have, as already said, very little time to spare right now and limited knowledge so is taking more time that I like to make it working correctly.

Thanks for the support!

Cheers everyone!
Finally manage to find the time to update this addon to Blender 2.8!
So, let’s test it!
I haven’t had much time to try it but everything seems to work fine with cycles and with eevee too.
Just remember to let me know if something doesn’t work and open a issue on the project page.

A little sidenote: the project is now hosted on gitlab. You will find the link to the new build here and in the OP as always, just download the latest master or the beta3.0 tag.

Have a nice day everyone.



Hi ParanoidNemo,

I wonder if you can help with a work around.
I have a baked keyframe animation which works fine if I render&save each frame manually. When I run render animation, some parts of the animation stop working.
It’s been suggested that a brief pause (2-3 sec) between the render&save operation of each rendered frame might solve this. Basically make it behave as if each frame was rendered&saved manually.

This issue appears in the official 2.81 version. Could you please be so kind and add the option to have this short pause?

That would be fabulous! Thank you!

Ehi @Prettypicturegirl I’m not home and I’ll not be for at least another week right now so I haven’t update to 2.81 yet. I need you to explain to me better what the problem is tho because as I’m understanding right now there should be to you a pause between the render save operation and the next render starting right? Also notice that this add-on as been created for static render, not animations. Anyway when I’ll came back I’ll look into the problem and see what I can do. Thanks for the issue report.

Thanks for your reply.

I wanted to render an animation by automatically rendering each keyframe as png image file. After post processing I would than create my movie.
The issue is that when using render animation, its not rendering the movements properly.

When I render them manually frame by frame (=render image). All movements are fine.

As a workaround I was hoping for a way to automatically do the “manual render&save” for each keyframe. Basically to make Blender “think” I am rendering&saving individual images. For whatever reason it seems to be important to have a short time between the finish of the image save and starting the next frame.

I have even filed a bug report for Blender which describes the issue probably better:


Would be great to have some sort of solution to this. Unfortunately I have a very hard time to use scripts. I can not program eiter.

Probably late to the party but better late then never. Here you can find the new release (first stable!) updated to work with Blender 2.91.

Any feedback is, as always, really appreciated.

Happy render everyone.

Hi, thanks for the add-on… I tried installing it but received the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Applications/Blender.app/Contents/Resources/2.91/scripts/modules/addon_utils.py”, line 351, in enable
mod = import(module_name)
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘batch_render-stable1.0’

MacOS, Blender 2.91.2

Thank you!

Strange. I’ll look into that and let you know. I haven’t a mac so I’ve tested only on windows and Linux so I’ll need your feedback to know if the fix I’ve in mind works

EDIT: can you try to extract the add-on, position it manually in the blender script folder and then enable it from blender?

EDIT2: ok seems that gitlab broke the add-on creating the zip for source code when I’ve created the release. Try to download the master branch as zip and install from blender. Should work. Waiting to someone to confirm that works.

Thanks a lot for testing.

Sorry for the slow reply, same error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Applications/Blender.app/Contents/Resources/2.91/scripts/modules/addon_utils.py”, line 351, in enable
mod = import(module_name)
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘batch_render-stable1.0’

I tried installing from the .zip and then extracting the folder and placing it in Application Support\Blender\2.91\scripts\addons\ same result

Ok, have you tried the EDIT 2 solution? Because your error give me the idea that you’re using the “release” version. Downloading the master branch as zip and then installing that “the normal way”? The zip from release 1.0 is confirmed broken. I’m investigating why the gitlab automatic zipping process broke it but that’s another issue. The master zip works for me even on new installation.

My apologies, I didn’t realise to get the different version, that installs and works! I read that the rendered images are supposed to appear in the project file path but they’re being created in /tmp not the project folder.

By default it renders in /tmp as all the render you made in Blender, but if you change the render path in the normal way the add-on use that path to save the renders.

Glad to see that master.zip work on MacOS to. Will try to fix the release stuff for installation but generally it works and that’s good!