For actuators or even sensors does how high up on the stack make a difference? In other words will the top actuators take precedence over the lower ones?


I think that these actuator are interpreted from the first to last
…thus tup to bottom.

…to be sure, you could alway make an object to add another one and delete himself in the same frame.
…if the delete actuator is above the object, it should die before adding an object… I guess.

@Ninja Goliath,

You are right with the order of the actuators, but objects are deleted after all actuators are executed. This is also true when calling endObject() from Python. That means actuators after an endObject actuator are executed as well.

I hope it helps

Yes. I don’t know if it’s about the sensor or actuator but for example when you play an animation… And while playing, you play another one… The lower one will play.

Hope it helps. :wink:

Thanks for the precision monster :slight_smile: