Stacked cube physics problem

Pleasant day everyone. How are you doing? I need a little help with my game. My player (Blue cube) is sliding whenever I jump on the top of the other cube (red cube). It doesn’t feel right. Like my red cube doesn’t have enough mass (even though I already put 1000 Mass on it lol. The cube is very easy to push. What I’m trying to do is a puzzle game like “Thomas was alone” where you can use another cube as a platform to progress. Here’s the screeny. Thank you so much and please have a awesome day!

go to materials settings and increase friction

(I can push a 1 ton car if it’s on level ice and my back is against a wall)

You could also try increasing the translation damping of the object you’re trying to push. Put it at like 0.9 or higher, and it will become very hard (but not impossible) to push around.

The downside to this though, is that this ‘fake friction’ applies universally, so if that object is falling through the air, the damping will cause it to float through the air, rather than falling naturally.
It is a bit of an ugly hack, and probably not appropriate in most situations, but it is an option, and does get the job done.

Thanks Nines! It’s a lesson learned but the cube fell off the platform. i guess material friction is a better option for this prototype. Thanks!