stadium model WIP

This is my first project ever with blender3d and first modeling done in years… My aim is to create realistic football (soccer someone might call) stadium, and I am getting basics done, but now I’d like to hear some hints and constructive critic how to improve the stuff I have so far…

I have on my TODO list for near future:
*edges of sidelines not so sharp
*some muddier grass texture in front of both goals

edit: fixed a typo…


:o Outstanding!

Your attention to detail, and placement of realistic details in the shadows, is very good. You have done well to control and to well-use the entire tonal range of the image, with nothing blown-out and nothing black. The sense of the volume of the place, your choice of lenses and lighting, is very nice. The sense of proportion and Z-axis positioning of objects is believable. All in all, well-composed.

Particularly in the second image, it definitely has the feel of a sports arena on a winter night. The first image also has the feel of “the cheap seats,” and of being a long way from the action on the field that has either just-ended or is just about to begin. I like the fact that these are peoples’ points-of-view, not the POV of a network television camera covering the same scene. They are low to the ground, about head height.

In the first image, I feel that there’s just a little too much foreground; I’d crop the image very slightly on the bottom. Because this area is very close to the camera and hence close to the “eye,” the viewer will study this area more closely for details … and they’re a little sparse, a little “digital” there … when, really, this area isn’t where the action is or ever will be. You just need enough details there to establish place, but you don’t want the viewer’s eyes to become “stuck” there.

Very impressive work needing only slight changes.

Actually I haven’t really decided the camera loactions for the “final” renders, just took few snapshots from two nearly randomly selected spots to get some critics and possible hints how to proceed with this.

Nice to hear some one likes what I have got together so far… thanks,hints about composition/camera position taken!

great work but did you ‘model’ the lines or just bumpmap them beacuse they look silly and who or where is TERRIERI :smiley: :smiley:

The lines were modeled for these renders. I have now fixed those to be textures as well, but haven’t rendered anything publishable yet :slight_smile:

Terrieri is my football team in virtual football managering game called hattrick and just to waste some of my time, I thought I’d create a stadium for them… Terrieri is Finnish word for Terrier (the dog).

Small update…

Rendered with Blender internal,
-lines on the turf changed (though just noticed some problems with rendering them… haven’t found out the reasot yet)
-added few flagpoles
-added lamps to un-roofed terraces
-added lights to the roof
-changed the nets to the goals
-some other small stuff I forgot already…

C&C please :slight_smile:


Few new renders after lots of fine tuning on the details.


nice hope you keep at this.