Stage Scene

Hey all,

I’ve been working on this for about two days now. Started as just a guitar model and moved onto a scene.

And here’s the scene for good measure:

Render with Blender Internal, Irregular Buffer Shadowing, and a ton of compositing nodes.

If there is anything that needs improvement (such as the door, but I don’t know just what) please feel free to comment.


Nice. The lighting rocks. The biggest thing that jumps out at me for improvement is the material on the curtains. It doesn’t really look like velvet, it looks kind of plasticy. I would lower the hardness and spec, and i might be tempted to play with Tangent V turned on, which might give it more of a shimmery look.

Oh, and in the model, I actually separate the two halves. The curve in the curtain above the door is noticeable.

Otherwise, great composition, and love the glow.

You might try colored lights. There is a lighting method used for stage where you have a cool (blue-ish) color from one side and a warm (amber-ish) color from the other. Play around with the colors, it will affect the mood.

It’s just, when I think of a scene like this, it usually has colored lights in my memory.

I like the way the opening in the curtain reflect the shape of the guitar… interesting.


Love the lighting, althoug i dont know about the way the curtains curl up from the stage, last time i looked they didnt do that…

The door looks to small in comparison to the guitar. Are the dimensions correct?
Also have to agree with the others the curtains look weird. Maybe try softbodies on them for a more natural look.
For a good velvet material take a look at


Added some things, changed the lights. I changed the color, but it seems to have given the scene less of a warm feel.

This one might be more to your liking:


Looking better.
It feels less warm because you used a less worm color (lavender?)

Cloth is hard to get right so don’t feel bad. Softbodies should give you a reasonable solution if you looking for realistic results. It’s also not to hard to figure out once you follow some tutorials (assuming you don’t now how to use it already).


I used the softbody system, with slight mesh editing for depth. I left the lights there, though you don’t see them.


Curtains look a lot better and more realistic. The bottle needs improvement and the guitar looks too bulky too me but then again I’m not a guitarplayer so how should I know :wink:
Are the strings yellow or do they only look that way because of the lights.
Keep up the good work.

A few constructive crits …
The guitar body is a little too wide at the bottom, but much too big at the top (both width and height).
The front of the body also looks to be quite convex, and should be flat (and quite thin).
Strings should be evely spaced (not two groups of three), and should become thinner working from left to right (unless it’s been strung for a right hander).
I like the woodgrain on the guitar body, but on the stool legs it looks like the texture orientation is causing the grain to spiral.
Still though, nice work.

At this moment there’s no way to correct the bevel in the guitar. I converted it to a mesh way back when, and doing so, it became incredibly face-ridden. Only thing I can do is use proportional edit to reshape the guitar.

Minor update: