Stained glass texture help

I want the image/colours to be projected onto a floor surface by the light source. I have a node setup which has been shown to work by someone else, but can’t replicate it with my own image. What do I need to do to the image itself to get the desired effect? I’ve already tried lowering the opacity in gimp to 50% to no avail. A solution would be appreciated.

I also tried an alpha channel.

Check out HDR Image-based Lighting by Gleb Alexandrov. If the answer isn’t in there, you may very likely be able to work it out yourself from what he teaches. From what I’ve read/heard, he’s the undisputed master of Blender lighting.

Thanks a lot, I’ve watched some of his videos before, I’ll check it out.

Just use the file I provided in the old topic and change the picture.

You can add even volumetric lighting to it.


Thanks Cherryman :yes:

So it turns out it actually was working for me, it was projecting onto the window sill not the floor. I’ll experiment with other positions.

Cherry man this is gorgeous where is blend file located?

cherry man can you provide same scene file as the screenshot?