"stains" in fur

Hey guys,

for my current project I’m now trying to get the fur just right. Things is, for some reason there are a lot of “stains” in the fur (most obvious in the face). Now I have multiple fur particles on the model (long-medium-short hair etc), is it possible they are messing eachother up?

Or maybe it’s the material I’m using, I’m still pretty new at materials in Blender.


do you have your hairs utilizing different vertex groups to determine their location? or did you forget to assign a material to one of the hair groups? also try moving some lights around and see if its something to do with the glossy node.

Yes, each set of hairs has their own vertex group, and they all have the material. Gonna mess around with that glossiness to check if that’s the culprit :slight_smile:

Apparently it has a lot to do with the way the fur was combed. I made all hairs visible in the viewport and noticed the fur was quite roughly shaped in places. Still, it’s getting difficult to remove all the stains.

Right now I’m using a different texture for the skin (mostly a dark brown) as I’m using for the fur (one with the black and white spots). Would it perhaps be better to use the black-white texture for the base mesh as well?