Stairmaster - Help?

I’ve finally got my stair generator working, but I’ve run into a couple of problems/questions:

GUI - Currently, all the values are hard coded into the script. I plan on fixing this by adding buttons/sliders to set values. I cannot however, find any descent tutorials on setting up the GUI.

Menu - More specifically, where should it go? I’ve currently got it under the “Mesh” Section of the python menu, but would it be better somewhere else?

Version - In the header, there’s a place to declare the version of blender it’s compatible with. I built mine using 2.4, but it should work using older versions as well (I used an old tutorial, and only basic api functions, so it should be backwards compatible). Can I just ignore the #Blender: 239 tag, or what should I set it for?

Originality - As this was a learning exercise, I didn’t care if this had been done before or not… I hadn’t actually seen anything. But does anybody know if someone else has already made (or is working on) something simillar?

Sorry if some of these seem like stupid questions, I just figure if I’m gonna learn to do it, I may as well learn to do it right.