Stairs Architecture

This is my new project study. This is modeling and rendering a stair for architecture. Now i’m study some techniques for this area.

I hope you like.
Tell me where i should improve.
Including my english :smiley:

To me it looks like “run” of the step is too narrow. By that I mean the area where you foot steps on the top of each step.

Yes, you are right. I need adjust the scale of all scene.
I’ll adjust and later post the progress.
Thanks for your comment.

Hi guys…
This is a upgrade from my study.
I think is the final, is a good result, isn’t?

What do you think?

The wood grain seems odd, and is definitely repetitive. The stairs also look too thick. are they solid wood? Is it a laminated beam? Is it a solid substrate with a cladding? I’m not sure how one would build those stairs.

Also, is that a glass side panel? looks like about 16’ x 4’ x 2" overall, that’d proabably cost over $100,000 im glass alone. Even plexiglass would be tremendously expensive, and not very strong.

It’s your design, but keeping the details closer to reality makes it more believable. I’m sure that those stairs could be built, but it would be highly unlikely.

Thanks for your comment.
I’ll try adjust this things.

About this design, i tried to copy a imagem i found in the internet…



Ah, I see. it looks like 2 separate, thinner pieces of glass. Much more doable. Also, the woodgrain on the front of the real stairs is running horizontally, where it looks like yours is running vertically.

It’s a pretty cool design to recreate, have fun!