this one is my newest work. i hope you like it. :smiley:

blender, yafray & photoshp

rendertime: 19min

i know my painting skills could be better, but i’m on learning. :wink:

and sorry for this stupid title… %|


Its too dark. :stuck_out_tongue:

After increasing brightness i like it, exept the door handle seems a bit to small.

Nice :smiley: i realy like it
but you should maybe do a bigger doorhandle.
and i think it would be cool if you maybe put some cat eyes there in the darknes just to get that little creapy thing

Makes me think of Stephen King’s short story ‘Grey Matter’. Interesting feel to the image…nice job! Keep up the good work :wink:


I like it- i would suggest a bit more texturing ont he door, as it seems a bit plain to be the central object of the image IMO

It is too dark. Maybe if you added the concept that there’s some window open downstairs somewhere, you could add some light down below.

Or maybe, heck, some ambient-light.

The key thing to watch, in any picture, is the contrast. What movie folks call “key.” It’s the total “tonal range” from light to dark and how much of the picture occupies each level. The Histogram tool, in Gimp or Photoshop, is crucial for evaluating this.

Always remember that the human eye responds to relative levels of luminance, as you can easily demonstrate by turning-off your monitor while you are looking at a “black” screen area. In a few seconds the screen will appear to be a uniform gray, but you notice that the “black” area has obviously not grown either darker or lighter than it was, moments before. It was always gray, not black.

Fundamentally speaking, what we are being presented with right-now is an underexposed picture. Never mind that it was made digitally and is being viewed on a video screen. The fundamental error is the same.