Stamping text into model using sculpt mode

I have been trying to make a panel (think rectangular cube) that will have a sentence stamped into it. Kind of like a foot print in sand. I want it to look like a carved wooden sign.

I can’t get booleans to work, so I tried making a brush in Pshop with the text black and the rest of the image white.

Well, when I use it, it works, but to get it as deep as I would like, it requires a high level of strength. When using the right amount, it pushes the text into the object, but also bubbles out the center.

It is as if the brush automatically tapers off at the ends. Is there a way to change this?

Or a better way to cut a “foot print” like chunk out of an object using a specific font with a string of text?

Thanks for any suggestions.

You could try using the displace modifier, it allows more tweaking and gives exact control over stuff like positioning and depth. You could have an empty as mapping object, and if you wish to make it into a normal sculptable mesh you can apply the modifier.