Stan Pancakes' sketchbook

It seems everyone’s got a sketchbook but me, so I decided to fix this :slight_smile:

Anatomy study gone wrong… That is, went into relearning dyntopo and simply fooling around with Blender’s tools. Learning forms, learning sculpting in pose, learning, learning… Yes, it’s a mess :smiley:

“Mad King”

Funny how ideas come to you while you’re working. Now I have a composition in mind for this guy. That is, if I ever complete him with all the parts that are currently missing :slight_smile:


Well Done!
Anatomy study went wrong?
I can imagine, my HD is full of wrong studies on male nude.
It stared getting better when I trashed the whole anatomy and started from the beginning. References, learn from the masters.
Anatomy is so full of layers, on top of the other. The skeleton is more promising as helper. In the end, the fat is also important.
The rest are just knowledge, you have enough of it. Blocking is the concern of the artist, the most important. It can be also called “composition”

Keep posting, excellent start of a sketchbook.

A professor of mine once said that you go to university to learn all the information that you can, but to start being an artist, you need to wipe this information from your mind.
What he meant was that you can forget something or disregard it once you have the knowledge and understanding. I think the problem here is more that he needs to simplify the complexity of anatomy, not forget it altogether. For instance all the wrinkes around your neck are caused by a group of muscles under the chin, that help swallow movements, and also a muscle fiber sheet that is pulling the skin on the front of the neck. Try Observing yourself in the mirror changing expressions. You will see what I am talking about. The main problem I can see here is all the wrinkles are with the same size shape and intensity. In reality things are not like this - the pull starts from a muscle and the wrinkes are way more intensive around the active muscles involved - and the wrinkes decrease in intensity radially. Also the muscles on the face create groups of circles - around the eyes, mouth, nose - like topology loops, when you model the face. All activity from these groups comes with some curved or circular result - so no straight wrinkles. Keep at it, observe yourself - if you are into drawing, try drawing autoportraits. This will help you a ton!

Thank you, michalis! And I agree, blocking is crucial, no amount of detailing will save you if the underlying form is wrong. Some planar studies are in order, I think.

ignilibrium, then I guess I am at advantage, because at university I didn’t study art, so there’s nothing to trash :smiley: Seriously though, I couldn’t agree more, a fresh perspective is key.
And I have understanding where details come from, but I find it hard to translate this understanding into actual form: it’s one thing seeing it in your mind and quite another shaping it with your hands. Practice and practice again, I guess, and then some. And more tool customization: at times I find it hard to make those brushes do what I want them to do.

And I have understanding where details come from, but I find it hard to translate this understanding into actual form: it’s one thing seeing it in your mind and quite another shaping it with your hands

You nailed it.
What are we doing in art except of measuring our thoughts, our feelings?
We can’t translate into actual form because we don’t understand it. We have to accept it.
Some believe that art and life are quite different. I agree. It is a mostly heretic idea but it tends to be real.
The act of art could be the same as saying “understanding from an artistic perspective”
Art and life are different. As politics and life, as economy and life, as sociology and life, law and life, philosophy and life .
If the only you have in hand is a hammer, everything around looks like nails.
How do we dare to say that art is life itself?

Opened at OP request

Thank you, Fweeb!

Time goes by, sadly not much of it for sculpting. Here’s a recent doodle, a test of the new dyntopo subdivision:

Here he is “naked”:

Amazing! Stupid question - what kind of graphic tablet do you use. I’m planning to buy one but I don’t have much funds, and I need master opinion.

Thank you, Martynes, though I’m definitely not a master, just a guy who occasionally dabbles :slight_smile:

I use a simple Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch. It doesn’t have much, just 4 buttons on the tablet (I don’t even use those) and a pen with two buttons, but it’s enough for me.

Nice sculpting!

Shift+A -> Cube.

Sweet “default” cube!

professional :ok_hand: completely

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I wish :sweat_smile: Thanks though!

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you are working for a long time :muscle: