Stand alone game problem

I was following a tutorial and made which i saved as runtime. I then went to open it on my computer and it said it needed the files which were beside it when it is saved. So I did as the tutorial said to do when this problem appears and put it all in one folder but then it still doesnt play and this code is the problem.0xc0150002.:spin:

That’s the same error described on the download page,

I thought they had fixed the requirement of that microsoft package, but looks like the blenderplayer from the official download still needs it to run. You’re running 2.48a, right? If you can build your own blender, or download one from, you shouldn’t get this error as long as it’s a version not built with microsoft app. Although from what I hear this makes some features unavailable. I don’t know the whole story.

Yes I am running 2.48. I will take a look at this other download. thanks