Stand Alone.

Almost done before I submitted to blendswap-:spin: Need feed back if possible.May have some deformation issues.


Is this a full 3D model or a rendering?

Looking good RNS, would help to see some Wireframe/rig images to give more feedback.

I like the modelling of the body and the armour. But a couple of things need to be addressed…

  • The face needs to be modified to be more womanly like, it looks like a guy. Its pretty hard to make Anime is look good in 3d, I suggest looking at the good established ones like final fantasy’s 3d art or other japanese inspired 3d models. Heres a good place

  • Texturing needs a bit of work as well. Take a look at Appleseed 2 the movie. I’m pretty sure its the same artist as ghost in the shell and its 3d as well. Its good stuff for anime turned 3d.

The rig I need help.

Well, I’m to match the comic likeness of the character.

Render in view-port and photo shop.