Standalone complex

This pic is made for my work project in renewable power sources.
Rather rough, but my working pc is a dinosaur’s age and AAO render was more than 45 mins :mad:
Some details of interior were rendered separetly and added in GIMP.


Seems like quite fine work ;).

45 minutes does sound like quite a lot. Have you considered lighting it
with different means than AAO? (read: lamps only).

I think the most apparent flaw right now is how clean everything is.
You should spend some time on your materials, and add more variation
to the surfaces. A few bumps and a little dirt around the edges can add
quite a lot to an image.The new projection painting makes it very easy to paint new textures. You should also make the windows transparent :slight_smile:

This depends, of course, what you are trying to achieve? If you are using this
strictly for illustrative purposes i think it is quite fine.

Thank you for your reply.
Actually it was a 1,5 hour job to illustrate how equipment to be placed and to show approximate scale of objects.
I don’t use AO anymore for this scene - too much time to render, but if I make textures for bumb, dirt, etc - then I will bake AO.
I was using array and mirror modifiers a lot, so I will be have to apply them before texturing - and it looks like a lot of work forehead.