Standalone game3 player mechanics (simplified)

i decided to pick apart the game3 player movement system and reduce it to a barebones state. its not finished yet, but heres what i have so far. hopefully its easier to figure out this way. its got the third person camera, linear velocity movement with acceleration, friction simulation, and the ray rider to smoothy move across any level.

early test file: (197.0 KB)


video plzzz

its just a single blend file, just download and hit play. even the embedded player works. still a work in progress, im going to add the ledge grabber too.

the keys are logic bricks, so thats easy to edit.

i dont use youtube so adding a video with a player isnt a trivial thing. theres nothing really to see, its meant to be experimented with. its just a stick figure on a ground plane.

its really dumbed down, no interaction, no vehicles, no save load, no keymap, no attachments, no hud, etc.

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yes, sorry. Its coz i didn’t unzip and see the .blend. I assumed it was just a script to load one self.

Very smooth and nice to handle and when i see the code , i understand that you made a scientist job. I see that you use the frame to avoid any bad blending in animation transition. I did a game controller a bit similar but far less complex :exploding_head:

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lol yeah, ive kinda made that rep for myself. im working on my efforts to improve user experience.

good thing though, i found a handful of possible bugs while digging around.


  • ledge grabbing
  • better test level
  • smooth zoom
  • add back first person camera toggle
  • maybe add an example of a logic brick interaction
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just 1 thing i noticed : character switching up-down or left-right , it makes it in 1 frame.

I like the camera : you are featured :point_right: :baby: :pinching_hand:

ah yes, the age old problem ive been working to fix. i have some ideas how to fix that. the code is in align to movement function or something.

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Another great work. Thank you very much Deadalus. This template is clear and easy to learn. I hope you will add more features to this one. Will be tracking this gem! :slight_smile:

here is the upbge_eevee version - (01-17-2020 build) (245.4 KB)