Standard Model and galaxy simulation.

Hello blendheads,
I am working on a project for galaxy simulation and need some help getting inference of the standard model and other phenomenous objectivity of our known galaxy, as I understand andromeda is the next closest so inference to it’s red shift with dark matter and it’s gravitational rotation is a good start too, Maybe some graphs as I am working on for gravitational pull of stellar groups within the milky way, I am working on a educational dvd platform to display and market and will be offering free games on dvd for those whose material is put on the dvd with mine. So be prepared to show work for added incentives. PS: the dvd player based game that is the main attraction is interstellar warfare simulations.

Most galaxies are flying away from us and are red shifted. Andromeda is the rare case that is flying directly towards us and is blue shifted. Calculating the gravitational force between two stars is trivial, the big problem is that given galaxies sizes/speed they should, in theory, fly apart. So scientist invented some imaginary stuff called dark matter/energy. It’s fun because you can make up just about anything you want about it as nobody knows what/where it is. p.s. DVD, really? I once wrote a galaxy simulation script which uses fudged values to keep everything together.

Well here is my interpretation of how the red shift occurs from the “Myeterious dark matter”, and i think there is a real potential of dvd’s replacing major marketed video games because of finite state games ( puzzles even chess AI ). but I enjoy chatting about theory.

Do you mock me?

I am working on making a game engine voxel for a galaxy which with a large amount of texture space can be zoomed into till you find my solar simulation of our system, And then other’s potentially to generate gravity maps for use in the game, I made shell scripts to auto generate path’s for which are seperated in chapters so for a given system you can use an algorithm for deviation’s on the vector from the source solar system an asteroid(comet if you are good)'s path to hit or miss a planet in a distant solar system and for a given attempt more knowledge of the surrounding celestial bodys(moons, asteroid belts, planets) are revealed and added to the gravity map, also the AI of the alien race takes a turn by turn basis, hard part is to synchrounize somehow with a fudged semi live action to make the ricovheting of asteroid’s if you have deployed sensor grids. complex but doable.