Standing out [Updated]

My latest render.
Blender Cycles and Photoshop.
1000 Samples
1 hour render time.
Comments and critics welcome.

-Updated Render

I will post the .blend if anyone wants it.

muy bueno!

me gustaría saber como configuro los mteriales

How did gravity manage to put water droplets underneath the bulb, just as evenly distributed as the rest? What would have been nice is to see more uneven distribution (more on the top, less on the bottom). Save one droplet on the bottom which left a thin trail of water from where it landed on the top. The materials are very pretty, and the light captured in the bulbs is as well. Like to see some projects from you in the future!

Wow this is beautiful!! Love the lighting and materials. Well done :slight_smile:

I agree with Lusterflask though, the droplet distribution isn’t very realistic. Use the weightpaint tool to paint where on the mesh you want the droplets to form, then use that VertexGroup in the particle system.

Lovely scene otherwise :slight_smile:

Beautiful I agree with andrewprice. Fix the droplets distribution, maybe make them less uniform and some maybe visibly sliding down the bulb… like if you sit in car when is raining and you have made yourself a perfect picture.

Andrew Price: thanks for your tutorials and work… me learning to use Blender properly is hugely thanks to you.

Thankyou for the input people I will surely fix in and post a updated render :smiley:

@Andrew- I owe this all to you all this years ive learned everything about blender from you and your tutorials. Its a achivement for me that the man I see as idol has commented on my artwork. Thanks for everything.

I’ve updated the render with improved droplet distribution. Looking forward to your input.

looking good :yes:. can we see a wireframe and/or material nodes?