standing ragdoll

hello all blender artists that r better then me
tell me does anybody no how 2 make ragdoll stand up straight and have it still keep its phisics so i can throw objects at it
thx and any other tips would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

You just hafta make him have the right balance, if you want the physics to be kept on the whol time, I think. Yap, I think thats it.

thx but is there any better way

going with what Sammaron said, you could try to grab all the bones of your armature in editmode and scale zero along the Y-axis (or what ever axis you have front to back.) that put all the bones up perfectly vertical.

can you make a ragdoll fromm amatures?!
and just like he said you should find he’s balenced position:).

A messy way of doing it is to set up logic bricks on the head like so:
Always (pulse off)---------and------------Edit object: suspend dynamics
Delay (180tics)-------------and------------Edit object: resume dynamics

this will put the head to sleep but you won’t be able to hit it until after about 3 seconds. Their is probably a better way to put something to sleep with python that I don’t know about.

oops, old thread, sorry