Stapler and Clothes Peg

Not a very imaginative title for my first post, but I couldn’t think of anything else.:o
With these two images I wanted to take a couple of small everyday items and by adding detail and dramatic lighting give them a sense of scale.
I modelled the clothes peg myself, the stapler is from Blendswap by printerkiller, although I modified it quite a bit. Rendered in cycles at 4000 pixels wide for each image.

The stapler looks great! Good job :slight_smile: The peg looks good too, but it seems to be much harder to get the sense of scale for a wood texture that way. It looks like a close up of a small, very very old, peg to me. I’m not sure how best to avoid that, perhaps some tweaks to the texture size or type, or something else in shot for reference?

I think the problem with the peg is I hand painted the texture from scratch, something I’m not that good at. I should have used photographic textures and scaled the texture quite small which would have given the impression that the peg was quite large. Putting something else in the scene for scale probably would have helped as well but I didn’t want to clutter the shot.
Thanks for the feedback.:eyebrowlift:

Wow, great job! The stapler looks really great! :slight_smile: