Star Drifter

If anyone here happens to be acquainted with the game Noctis, you may appreciate this, haha.

It’s a concept I finally got around to realizing in Blender.

In Noctis you play the role of one of the Felysian star catalogers left behind after your entire race unexplainedly disappears. The only thing you have left is to explore the entire galaxy left to you and your fellow drifters. The vehicle used is called a Star Drifter, and looks like this:

I am attempting to re-make the vehicle in order to get a feel for what NoctisV could possibly be like once released. Ultimately, I hope that I may get around to creating an entire CGI re-imagining of a planetary landing and exploration, as well as space travel, but I know not to commit to such lofty goals. I know that the community would love it though, if done right, and it may even inspire Alex to continue work on NoctisV.

This is a different WIP, but it is still related to the above, so I thought it would fit better here instead of a completely new post.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while also, and managed to get a fairly decent start. It is a view from within a stardrifter (my re-imagining of one). It was inspired by this screencap I took earlier in-game:
A planet named Haven-4, orbiting its star, Haven.
(yes, that is actually what the in-game screen reads :p)

I spent the better half of my time trying to figure out how to get some form of GI/Radiosity to work on the screen menu to give it the effect of giving off light, and decided to just try my luck with manually placed area lights. It works like a charm, and I have more control over where I have light and where I dont, as well as being able to customize the intensity or control color easily. The biggest plus is that render times aren’t that bad at all compared to what I would get with Radiosity or GI. The only drawback is how ugly it looks without a lot of fine tuning. I’m hoping that once I add more of the space scene in, it will get rid of some of the blandness.

I haven’t gotten around to adding any of the actual background yet, so the scene is intentionally left fairly dark for now. Just thought I would get some crits on what I have so far.

I got some work done on the planet:

It looks sort of… bland. I’ve probably been working on it for about 7 or more hours now (with blender crashing, unexplained little artifacts, problems with materials not working correctly >.>). This thing was/is certainly more of a pain in the a** than it was worth, and I still have some work to go on it. perhaps it will look better once I get it into the complete scene.

I would like to light it more, but I also want to keep it reasonably correct looking with the angle of the sun. I suppose ill try to illuminate some of the backside with a hemi light or something.

The planet looks nice to me,will it have an atmosphere?

I worked on the planet a bit more:

I’m trying to get more of an atmosphere in there, but the fresnel effect isn’t cooperating quite like I would wish.

Here is a version of what I have so far:

I need to work on this a lot still. I’m thinking of a more refined look for the screen layout, perhaps something more visual and less obstructing.