Star Series

I’m making a series of sci-fi models that I’m planning to sell. This first ship model should come in at under 500k polys when it is finished, I’m avoiding sub surf as much as possible to keep the poly count down. I plan on reducing these numbers to to game engine levels for future models. I’m also retopologising the pilot in Blender and the chimp when finished will be given a space suit and used as a co-pilot. With the figures Blender is being used for base meshes, retopo, UV mapping and rigging. I did a little bit of concepting of the ship in Zbrush but it has turned out to be 95% Blender.

I still have quite a bit of detailing to do on both the exterior and interior of the ship. Working a couple of hours each day, I think I’ll have the modeling finished in about two weeks and a further week for texturing.

Edit: latest image 12/04/14

That ship is epic! Wish you the best of luck selling it! Hope to see final results as well.

Reminds me of hornet from star citizen :smiley:

cool models, dude.

Thanks guys, I’ll post some updates soon.

These are really nice! I especially like the chimp sculpt. Are these for a specific project?