Star Ship - In the middle of being textured (feedback + adice please)

Ok! I know it looks horrible. But im not a pro like all you.

But, i was hoping i could get some advice on how to make it look better. Ive been using Gimp to edit every little textures and stuff and i am slowly putting them on. I am adding all the little details you would suspect to see on a sci-fi ship, so i am slowly getting there.

So please. Any advice? Is it any good at all?

thanks everyone

subsurf… it’ll look better.

I think that the overall body design is good, but the textures are too 2D looking for my liking. Perhaps you should either make some bump maps or check into some greebling scripts. I do believe it has potential, and you are to be commended for attempting something like this at all.


I tried a subsurf but it makes a bunch of holes in model…

I’ll try to fix it up

thanks alot guys, i apreciate it

You have to have both good topology and go into edit mode hit [w] > remove doubles.

It’ll work then.

ok ill try that. I think i already tried the remove doubles…

Whats topology?

The flow of edgeloops.