Star Trek 3ds import failure

I downloaded this excellent model of the USS Constitution from the following site:
It’s very complete, with open shuttle bay and shuttle craft inside.

It opens fine in Max, but I can’t seem to import it into either 2.49, or 2.53 Beta.

I’ve tried exporting it from Max to obj. format, but that didn’t help either.

Anyone have any ideas.

Obj in 2.5 has some problems. I’ve had exported Objs screw up their UV maps.

Try using assimp (regrettable name). Blender format is on the wish list. Add your voice to the wish list. I think this library should used for convertion, using a library/DLL like Python does. A potentially good library will receive the attention of Blender users and help it gain traction. Then only the Blender format need be maintained internally. Any coders originally participating/coding format interoperability for Blender internal could move their skills over to the assimp project and this project would field conversion issues/bugs. This could apply to networking and a number of other libraries available in the wild that could be used to replace fuctionality in Blender. GEGL for non-destructive image transforms among other things, springs to mind.

currently working on the bug tracker most days and maintain these importers/exporters, if you find a problem please report a bug and I’ll look into it :slight_smile: