Star Trek: Captain Picard Retired


Working on a portrait of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in his later years. He's now retired. Second image is a crudely painted mockup to show what I'm going for with his uniform.  


Ahhh good ole Captain Picard! In my eyes, he’s not retired. He’s just letting Riker be Captain for a change! Haha. Nice model. Just not sure if his face texture is a bit too dark or if it’s due to the lighting, but maybe something to keep in mind. :smiley: Nice mock-up of his uniform.

Thanks. Calling this done for now. Moving on to other projects.

Software used:

Blender - basemesh, shirt, insignia, compositing, rendering
Zbrush - sculpting, texturing, hair
Gimp - compositing, color correction, additional effects

It looks good! Now I need to watch Star Trek TNG again. :wink:

nice sculpt, but he wouldnt be wearing his captains uniform after he retired as he joined the federations diplomat corps and became ambassador to vulcan, so he would be dressed in something more civilian

The eyes look off, he looks like he’s been hitting the bottle pretty hard in his retirement.