Star Trek/photo real Earth render

(A2597) #1


took about half an hour to setup the sun, moon, and ship. and modify the earth model I’ve been working on for the pic.
(Using nasa maps)

Only 8 halo materials too…sheesh, suns are HARD in blender.

(S68) #2



  • Picture is lovely :slight_smile: Great use of halos for the sun!

Now critiques :wink:

  • Ships is cool but looks a bit plastic…
  • Earth is good, but with the sun so low on horizon the lit portion of the earth should be much less, a little tiny ribbon.
  • Earth is inhabited, There is a cool earth posted recently by DreamMaster7 with city lights in the shadow part
  • Moon too is great but well, proportions are not, if you want to place it there it should be much smaller. Earth-moon distance is around 30 earth diameters :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


(kirpre) #3

I am working on a still that involves the earth from outer space. I have gathered what I believe are the necessary layers for the earth (terrain, bumpmap, specularity mask, cloud layer, etc) but I am having trouble implementing them. could anyone offer some help as how to get these to work together properly.

(S68) #4


Make a UV sphere, make it finely meshed (64 x 64?) add as textures bumpmap, reflectivity (not specularity!) map and color map. Of course first acts onli on ‘Nor’ second on ‘Ref’ and last on ‘Col’. Make the material with Spec=0 Hard=0 and Ref whatever you want.

Add a second sphere. be careful, clouds are seldom more than 10-15km hight, this mean that this second sphere shoud be 1 thousandth bigger, in diameter, tahn the previous. Place here two texture, an alpha mask, workingo on ‘Alpha’ and a color map ‘Col’. Same settings for ‘Spec’ ‘Hard’ and ‘Ref’. Be sure to press ZTransp here.

Set both meshes to smooth.

Add a single vertex in the center of the sphere. Add an Halo material, play with size and hardness to fake atmosphere as A2597 did (among the best athmospheres I’ve seen so far)

Have fun

It should work.

(kirpre) #5

Thanks, this gives me a good place to start.

(stephen2002) #6

not bad, but I would really like to see the ship instead of just the vastness of space.

moon looks too big

The ship looks like it is lacking detail (windows, plates, etc). but that might just be Blender’s AA.

(S_W) #7

wow! great ship, great textures and a really cool lens flare effect!

(valarking) #8

wow! great! good job on earth and ship! and i do think the ship looks detailed. perhaps a closeup? much more detailed than my wip ship anyway!

(Goo) #9

Very nice. That’s the first time I’ve seen the new Enterprise modeled. If I’m not mistaken, it doesn’t have many windows visible, so it’s like it should be when windows are concerned. Everything else about it looks good too. I do think that it could use a few more stars, but that’s mainly a stylistic choice I think. It could dedfinitly use some lights on the dark side too.


(Kid Tripod) #10

actually i think its worth saying how bad i think the new enterprise looks in the show. it (in the show) certainly doesn’t look professional. and curse that opening song . . .

id rather have your effort than their remix of “Due South” but with spaceships

(hijothema) #11

Great picture only…
well, it took me half a second or so to realise that the orangish sphere behind the earth was the halo of the sun and not the sun itself. Maybe a bit more flare and a bit less dominant halo?